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Frequently Asked First Questions

Is it a PMS (Property Management System)?

A: AAXSYS is a hybrid system that combines reservation, property management and accounting features.

Is it web based?

A: AAXSYS is entirely web based and runs on any platform with a web browser, including any mobile device.

Does it have reports?

A: AAXSYS being web based, all journals (for example, the Journal of Aging Payments) provide what used to be called reports in traditional systems.

Does it run in the cloud?

A: AAXSYS runs in a private cloud. It is mirrored in Microsoft Azure cloud as aaxsys.net.

Is my data safe?

A: AAXSYS data is mirrored both locally (private cloud) and remotely (Azure cloud). User access is limited to autheticated users, user logons are limited to one ip address at a time and sensitive content (for example, client invoicing data) is accessible only through secure http (https).

How much does it cost? (setup)

A: AAXSYS has a one-time set-up fee of $4995.00. If you are a member of CHPA (Corporate Housing Providers Association) the fee is reduced to $3995.00. The setup fee can be split into convenient monthly payments if needed.

What are the monthly membership fees?

A: Monthly membership fees vary by the number of units you have running in AAXSYS. Primarily these fees vary from $150 - $300/mo.

Are there any extra fees?

A: The only extra fees for AAXSYS would be for the use of the optional Housekeeping module and/or the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). These are $50 each per month. There are no renewal fees, upgrade fees, or training fees. Our commitment is to keep AAXSYS affordable for every company!

How is the unit count figured?

A: Unit counts are derived from the totals of your inventory of active and inactive units.

Can a unit be deleted?

A: If you delete a unit it is subtracted from your unit inventory. You will never lose accounting data if you delete a unit and the unit can even be recalled if you need to bring it back online.

How often is AAXSYS Updated?

A: AAXSYS is updated and improved continually throughout the year. However, the bulk of the main programming occurs between October and May.

Who do I call if I have support questions or need additional training?

A: You can call Marc Armstrong, VP of Training & Support on his cell phone (831) 901-4774 or on the AAXSYS direct phone number at 858-488-4615. He is available to take your calls, texts, or e-mails from 6:00am PDT - 5:00pm PDT Monday - Saturday. For after-hours calls or in an emergency situation please contact him on his cell phone and/or leave a message. Your call will be returned promptly.