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Simply put, Aaxsys is a new system that enables you to market and manage bookings of your furnished or unfurnished accommodations. Since Aaxsys technology is internet-based, and requires no extra hardware or software of your own, you can use it anywhere, anytime and from any computer with a web browser. There is nothing to crash, no devices to to buy, and you can designate as many users as you need to, in multiple locations, without licensing permission. It is simple to use, easy to learn and will gain you entry into the possibilities of the worldwide lodging marketplace.
Easy to learn reservation software systemeasy to learn and utilize
central reservation database connects multiple officeslink multiple office locations
secure database of inventory
book, hold & remove inventory
add & copy properties in seconds
Hospitality Property Management with detailed property informationdetailed data with photos
store client info
Online Client Invoicinginvoice clients online
Reservation History for Clientsclient booking history
password protected
Reservation Management System User Codeslog-in access at your discretion
Enable Online Booking per Propertyoptional online bookings
Combine Reservation Inventories with other Memberscross-sell with other members
Branded Listing Pagesaccess via your own branded portal
email directly from program
Cost Effective Reservation Management Systemcost effective!
We all know that the internet never sleeps and it has no boundaries. While your office is closed for the night or holiday, in the next city or across the globe you'll be reaching current and new customers who will be able to search and reserve your units 24/7 in real time. Aaxsys expands and gives life to your current web site. Use the power of the Aaxsys system to cross-market units with others, and multiply your inventory.
Reservation Management Software for any Type of Housingworks for any type of housing
limitless capacity for units in database
detailed profiles and photos of every unit
Reservation data searchmultiple search options
hide or show daily, weekly, monthly rates
Online Credit Card Interfaceonline credit card booking
Corporate Housing Software: MapQuest location informationclick through MapQuest for location info
click through to booking calendar
live email link
Unlimited rate details per unitspecify your own billing program per unit
Corporate Housing Software: Billing batchbill effectively using a billing batch
Client Arrival and Departure Notificationsget automated alerts on arrivals, departures
or set your own custom alerts
Grow your hospitality property management business beyond your time zone and zip code with the power of cross-marketing and the Aaxsys system. Strategic Partnerships are instrumental in today's economy; your membership in Aaxsys gets you into a network of companies, complexes and individuals. Form alliances for booking other members' inventory, with code-based security for all.
Rental Property Sharing through Aaxsysbook your clients into other's vacant units
Reservation Notification Systememail verification of transactions to all
Hospitality Property Management with Shared Inventorymake your units available to others
Solid Reservation Managementno possibility of overbookings
Rental management software for user accesscontrol level of access
Corporate Housing Software for client accessgive access to select clients, vendors, personnel
distinguish between external/internal users
password-protected, secure data
Reservation Referral Feesearn referral fees
Aaxsys provides combined inventoriescreate combined inventories with other members
Availability Listing Ordering through Preference Levelsorder your listings through preferences
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